RTA Summer Academy

Welcome to the RTA summer academy. This was a successful program teaching teens the merits of entrepreneurship and how technology itself has narrowed the gap for tech entrepreneurs. Nearly anyone can now learn to code and put great ideas to work quickly using technology. The course focuses on teaching teens they can work through difficult problems and generate valuable solutions even with limited skills. Students who attended the program where enlightened learning that with some more advanced programming skills, which are easily within reach, they would be able to tackle even the most difficult of problems.

Challenges focused on the following areas:

– Game Design & Development
– Robotics & Engineering
– Filmmaking & Visual Effects
– Sports & Technology
– Programming & App Development

The solutions generated to difficult problems was astounding. With little prior knowledge the students along with tech entrepreneurs were able to work through difficult problems and deliver creative solutions.

The program was sponsored by companies, individuals, and other organizations with an interest in seeing technology move forward. We want to thank these organizations!:

– Richard Perkins – entrepreneur
– Merrill Lynch – Financial Advisor
– Jarus Wealth Advisors – Financial Planner Orange County
– McGladrey LLP – Accounting and Consulting Firm
– Thomas Hayetta – Owner Infinite Hosting Solutions
– Mattew Readley – Technology Educator