About the Program

What is RTA Summer Academy?

We focus on introducing tech to the future programmers who will innovate in the United States:
We started with an interesting experiment which was to create a tech incubator running only one summer and with high school students who for the most part had little experience in the tech field (they’re high school students!). We realized we were on to something when we started seeing the ideas our students starting developing in the program.

Who created this?

Entrepreneurs and parents interested in developing available talent right under our nose. There are tens of thousands of kids with interest and entrepreneurs in need of new ideas. This interesting program was a win win for both the students and the entrepreneurs who received new takes on existing ideas. The entrepreneurs were also able to be introduced to students who will excel in the field of technology giving them the “inside track” on who some of the best and brightest will be out of college.

The Challenge:
Students were broken into groups and challenged to come up with solutions to unique problems provided by the entrepreneurs sponsoring the program.

These are just a few of the facets of the academy. This was a successful run and we look forward to further developing the concept and hopefully spreading it to new parts of the country.